Massive Video Leak for HTC M9 Confirms Design, Specs

Massive Video Leak for HTC M9 Confirms Design, Specs

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The HTC M9 has been at the vanguard of mobile tech journalism, with iterative rumor after rumor solidifying our mental image of what was once known as “HIMA”. When we first covered the original specification leak, we marveled at some of its specification offerings, but had no clear confirmation for the time being. More over, the past few months have been packed with renders, photographs, and all sorts of rumors and leaks surrounding the design of the HTC M9. We recapitulated everything we knew on the “HIMA” a few weeks back and since then, nothing really changed on the specifications side. However, the design was still a matter of debate.

In our coverage we had several images from several sources all pointing towards more or less the same look – an updated M8 with a square single camera at the back and somewhat slimmer bezels. That was about it. This design didn’t disappoint us in particular, but there has been an outcry on the internet about how uninspired it felt after the major revisions HTC brought to their flagships, which are known to sport some of the best and most progressive designs Android has seen. This one seemed all but progressive, and in some ways it was retrograde. Evan Blass (@evleaks) steered away our judgement with his claims that the leaks were planted decoys to steer away from the original design reveal. Today we get a definitive answer.

The second biggest leaker of recent years, @upleakes, one-upped his predecessor @evleaks by proving him wrong, as he revealed earlier today that the renders were indeed correct. The original tweet is now down, as was the follow-up containing the videos, but luckily there’s a mirror where you can find all three of them where you can take a look at the introduction of the M9, the new theme system, and the camera application. These videos confirm the original design leaks, and dismiss the ones linked by @evleaks earlier. You can check them out below.

We’ll cover more as we hear about it, as of now there seems to be a lot of commotion over these leaks and mass disappointment is hitting enthusiast forums. The rest of the phone looks great, except for an oddly placed power button softkey on the navigation bar that we really don’t understand.

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@upleaks twitter is now gone after the whole conundrum.