Master Business Stats and Big Data with this Huge Course Bundle

Master Business Stats and Big Data with this Huge Course Bundle

When you’re thinking about starting a new career, it pays to look forward. While many jobs have an uncertain future, the data science and analytics industry is set on an upward curve. Even today, the average salary for a data scientist is over $120,000.

Not everyone can go back to college, but there are other ways to get educated. The 2020 All-in-One Data Scientist Mega Bundle offers 141 hours of instruction, including 12 separate courses, and it’s currently just $39.99 at the XDA Developers Depot. 

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a full-time data scientist, mastering these skills will help you impress recruiters in many sectors. Ready to get started? Here’s are some course highlights.


Introduction to Data Analytics

This quick-start guide helps you master the fundamentals of analytics, data visualization, and data science. You get an overview of the whole subject, from defining problems to deploying solutions.

Big Data Hadoop Spark Developer

Hadoop is one of the most popular frameworks for handling big data. In this course, you take a tour of the key components and discover how to code your own solutions.

MongoDB Developer & Administrator

Many companies now use MongoDB to create scalable storage for data. Through video tutorials, this course shows you how to construct and maintain your own databases from scratch.

Data Science with Python / R

These two separate courses lay the groundwork for your career in data by helping you master two key programming languages. Python is used extensively in AI, and businesses use R for analytics.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Artificial intelligence is likely to shape the future of technology, and it is powered almost entirely by data. This introductory course helps you understand key AI concepts, along with machine learning, deep learning, and performance metrics.

Business Analytics with Excel

If you want to transfer your big data skills into your current job, this course is a must. The tutorials help you harness the power of Excel to unearth key insights in a business context.

In total, the bundle includes 12 courses with lifetime access and a certificate of completion. Worth $6,000 in total, the training is now only $39.99 for a limited time.

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