Master Cloud Virtualization With This $20 VMware Training Bundle

Master Cloud Virtualization With This $20 VMware Training Bundle

Many companies over a certain size need to run apps on multiple operating systems. This would normally require multiple servers, each working at a fraction of full capacity. Virtualization provides a neat alternative, placing apps in separate containers on the same server. VMware is the leading virtualization solution, and the Ultimate VMware Mastery Bundle helps you learn the platform with 26 hours of video training. You can pick up the bundle now for $19.99 via the XDA Developers Depot.

With each passing year, cloud computing is becoming more popular. Virtualization is an important part of this forward progress, allowing companies of all sizes to run custom cloud architectures. If you want to climb the IT career ladder, it’s a good idea to learn the technology.

This bundle provides an in-depth guide to virtualization and VMware, with four highly-rated courses. The training takes you through the basic concepts before diving into VMware, virtual machines, and other important topics.

Along the way, you discover how to install VMware vCenter (the server management hub) and administrator vSphere setups (flexible virtualization software). These skills are invaluable for any aspiring engineer.

The courses are worth $399, but you can grab them now for just $19.99 with lifetime access and a certificate of completion included.


The Ultimate VMware Mastery Bundle – $19.99

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