Master Game Development with 83 Hours of Tutorials on Unity and Blender

Master Game Development with 83 Hours of Tutorials on Unity and Blender

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Thanks to platforms like Steam and the App Store, it’s easier than ever to launch your own games online. What’s more, you don’t even need to purchase expensive software to get creative.

If you would love to make virtual worlds but don’t have the necessary skill set, take a look at the Unity A to Z Game Development Bundle. This training offers seven courses and over 80 hours of video tutorials — and it’s now just $49 at the XDA Depot. Plus, you can save an extra 17 percent off when you plug in the BESTOF17 coupon code at checkout.

These courses concentrate on two platforms that are free to use but packed with professional features: Unity and Blender. You learn by building clones of popular games, such as Super Mario Run, Angry Birds, and the Legend of Zelda. You don’t need any previous experience, as the video tutorials guide you through every step.

Along the way, you learn how to design stunning 3D models and code with C#. These skills are invaluable if you plan to start a career in game development, and they are just as useful in many other niches.

Whether you want to conquer the App Store or just find a job you adore, this bundle is the perfect launchpad. Order now for $49 and save over $1,300 on the instruction. For an extra 17% off, use code BESTOF17.