Master Two Python Frameworks with these $29 Course Bundles

Master Two Python Frameworks with these $29 Course Bundles

There are many reasons to like Python. This programming language is easy to learn and surprisingly versatile. Little wonder it is the first language of most computer science students. However, if you want to use Python for web development, you may want to use a framework such as Django or Flask. These training bundles at the XDA Developers Depot can help you master key Python frameworks — now with up to 97% off the full price.

The Python & Django Web Development Bundle

No matter whether you’re building the next Facebook or a small website for your business, Django can handle it. This Python framework is very scalable, and you can use it to develop web apps very quickly. 

The Python & Django Web Development Bundle helps you master the framework, with seven in-depth video courses. The training teaches you basic Python before diving into Django and some fun projects. Along the way, you learn how to build a to-do app, a news site, and even a cryptocurrency app. Worth $1,400, the bundle is now just $29 with lifetime access included.

The Professional Python Flask Developer Bundle

While Django is very popular for back-end web development, Flask offers a great alternative. This lightweight framework is closer to pure Python, and it gives you great control over the components you use.

In the Professional Python Flask Developer Bundle, you learn how to use Python and Flask to build powerful web apps through five video courses. The training provides plenty of hands-on experience, with concise tutorials and several projects to try. In addition, this bundle introduces other technologies — including Docker, MongoDB, and Cloud9. It is worth $645, but you can grab all 39 hours of training now for only $29, with lifetime access included.

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