Google announces Material Design Award winners for 2021

Google announces Material Design Award winners for 2021

Google has announced the results of its seventh annual Material Design Awards, commemorating three apps that create great experiences using its Material Design guidelines. This year’s awards cover three categories — the best large screen adaptation, best dark theme implementation, and the best motion design. Here are the winners of this year’s Material Design awards.

Large screen winner: Todoist

Todoist large screen layout

In a blog post announcing the winners, Google explains that Todoist’s adaptive design for large screen devices addresses the app’s unique features and capabilities, and introduces more nuance. The app’s column-based layout grids “provide convenient structure for creating and testing such layouts, also allowing for quick decisions about how components adapt bottom sheets in Todoist respond to screen size to maintain clarity, context, and readability, and navigational components make more use of increased screen size.”

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks
Developer: Doist Inc.
Price: Free

Dark theme winner: Meetly

Meetly’s dark theme-first approach for its recent redesign has resulted in “a product that stands out for its comprehensive application of colors across the interface, conveying Meetly’s identity while improving legibility in dark environments.” Google also praises the app’s attention to illustrations in its dark theme and the consistent application of colors, which “helped eliminate elements that became “too eye-catching” or “looked out of place” when switching between light and dark themes.”

Motion winner: Post-it

The Post-it app bags the award for the best motion design, thanks to the meaningful interactions it provides. Elaborating on these meaningful interactions, Google notes that when “users capture a note in the app — using their device’s camera — the note is animated upward, lifting off its real-world background and signaling a transition from physical space to a digital experience. Touches like these serve to replicate and reinforce existing mental models, allowing Post-it Notes to function in the app as they do in reality.”

Developer: 3M Company
Price: Free

We recommend giving these apps a go if you want a first-hand experience of what sets their design apart from the competition.

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