Material Theme redesign teased for Gmail, Google Photos, and more

Material Theme redesign teased for Gmail, Google Photos, and more

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Material Design is undergoing a lot of changes with the release of Android P, and Google wants to show off some of it. Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino have worked together to create a video for the Google Material Design team. It showcases some of the new and upcoming changes that we can expect to see with Material Design 2. Even better, it teases some changes to Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Maps. You can check out the video below.

Material Design 2

We’ve been hearing about a new Material Design version for a while now, originally leaked thanks to Chrome OS. It’s coming with Android P, but already applications such as Google Maps are getting huge user interface overhauls. Even better, Google Chrome appears to be getting the revamp on its birthday this year. We’ve already seen a redesigned Gmail too, yet it appears we’ll be seeing even more changes on top of that. Both Google Photos and Google Drive are also getting some major changes to their UI. Google’s applications are undergoing somewhat of a rebirth, with entire applications being changed up to fit Material Design 2. Even Android Messages is getting some major changes.

We’ve known these redesigns were coming for a while, and it’s not too surprising given a tool Google released earlier this year. Still, you can never be sure how much a company will be willing to touch up its flagship products. With Gmail, Google Photos, and a few other applications getting full redesigns, it’s safe to say that Google is confident in its abilities. Some of these applications have definitely needed some changing up, and if done right, it’s certainly not a bad thing. We can only hope that these newer versions will be upgrades over their predecessors, and Google doesn’t manage to regress in usability thanks to them.

Source: Nicolo Bianchino’s Website