Apple brings Material You to the iOS 16 Lock Screen

Apple brings Material You to the iOS 16 Lock Screen

Apple has just revealed a preview of iOS 16 during WWDC 2022. Notably, this release introduces a redesigned Lock Screen that allows users to customize its font, colors, and more. The new view is highly customizable and brings revamped notifications. The new Lock Screen also brings support for widgets — allowing users to quickly glance at relevant information. These widgets include upcoming calendar events, weather conditions, and much, much more.

Speaking of the Lock Screen and notifications, Focus modes can now sync to to certain wallpapers. This allows you to further set the mood of a particular state of mind. The wallpaper also gains a depth effect that makes the experience more dramatic. To customize the Lock Screen, users can simply tap and hold on it to bring up the toolkit that includes the available options.


These additions are definitely a very welcome change — as the iOS Lock Screen had been relatively limited and outdated. Users can now swipe between different styles to easily try them out. That’s not to mention that it has become more helpful than ever, through the handy widgets that don’t require you to swipe to the Home Screen.

Apple is releasing WidgetKit to developers so they can make their apps compatible with the Lock Screen widgets on iOS 16. Devs will also be able to take advantage of the new Live Activity notifications that reflect an ongoing event. All of these features have been available on Android OS for a while now, and it’s interesting to see Apple finally adopting them after all these years.

iOS 16 developer beta 1 should be available later today. It’s unclear if these new changes will be available in the first beta or not. However, it’s safe to assume that they’ll be present by public release in fall.

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