Maximize Your Wi-Fi Browsing Speed with this Powerful Analytical Tool

Maximize Your Wi-Fi Browsing Speed with this Powerful Analytical Tool

We can all relate to the anger and frustration one feels after experiencing a dropped connection, randomly slow browsing speeds, and the need to constantly dig behind the sofa to reset the router.

NetSpot Home puts an end to all your Wi-Fi woes by fully optimizing your connection while providing powerful analytical tools that keep you in the know, and a lifetime license is on sale for over 70 percent off at just $19.

NetSpot Home does more than just increase your browsing speed and protect against spotty connections. It lets you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks with any computer, so you can get the best connection possible at all times.


There’s a mapping feature that lets you view potential dead zones and optimize router placement, added security features to ensure your network stays secure at all times, and an option to choose from multiple export possibilities, including new, customizable advanced reports.

NetSpot even allows you to run Internet download and upload speed tests, so you’ll never have to worry about wasting time with file transfers again.

Never miss a beat, post, or important email again with NetSpot Home. Lifetime licenses are available for Mac and PC and will grant you a lifetime of major updates and new features for $19.

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