mClock – The Clock With Options

mClock – The Clock With Options

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For those who don’t have a watch, you most likely use your phone to keep time, so why not make it stylish and customizable for the next time you need to check the time? Thanks to XDA member knoxcoder for developing this simple app that allows customizable widgets for you clocks.

As quoted from the developer:

(I) uploaded my digital clock widget, mClock. I plan on adding more styles and/or options. Let me know what you think, what you would like to see as far as options go and whatever else.

For the fonts in the screenshot I just grabbed some off the web and put them on the sdcard.
Fonts: 1979, Acens, Colwell, Orbitron-Medium, and the built in fonts.

So go try it out via the download link in the discussion thread.