MechDome Exits Beta, Allows any Developer to Port their Android App to iOS

MechDome Exits Beta, Allows any Developer to Port their Android App to iOS

Back in September, we covered a new developer tool that automatically converts existing Android projects into native iOS and OSX applications. This tool, called MechDome, takes an existing Android APK file and turns it into a standalone binary that developers can then distribute on the Apple App Store – all without changing a single line of code or learning anything about iOS development (though there are some caveats, as outlined in the previous article).

The open-source Reddit client called RedReader and a Sudoku app are two examples of successful conversions of Android apps to iOS. When we initially covered this tool, it was available for developers as a free public beta program, but today MechDome is ready for its first initial release.


Currently, MechDome’s initial paid subscription launch will be available through invitation only, though there is a free account that any developer can make to test out the service (more on that below). Furthermore, the initial launch is focused only on creating iOS apps for now, so you’ll have to wait a bit if you are interested in building OSX apps.

With this launch users will be able to convert APKs themselves through the revamped website. The process is completely automated, meaning after you upload an APK the conversion process begins to get a working binary for the iOS Simulator or live iOS devices.

MechDome Conversion Page

Developers can test the conversion process through a free account. Free accounts are limited to a single APK upload which can only be converted for testing on the iOS Simulator. If you wish to convert your APK file into a binary that can be uploaded to the Apple App Store, you’ll have to subscribe to the paid service which as mentioned previously is invitation only.

XDA Exclusive Invitations

For any developers interested in trialing this subscription service, we have 5 invitations to share. The invitation nets you 6 months of MechDome’s paid subscription service for free, allowing you to publish and maintain a single app on the Apple App Store.

Interested in trying this out? Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line “Interested in MechDome” using the same e-mail address you registered with at Please provide a link to the Android app you wish to convert, whether it’s a Play Store link, XDA forum/XDA Labs link, or somewhere else. The app that you submit must be your own app, so in addition please provide some kind of proof that you own the app. E-mailing me from the same e-mail address listed on the Play Store page, or providing screenshots of the Play Store developer console should work. We will select the 5 winners at random by Wednesday, June 14th at 12PM CST (exactly 1 week from this post).

Send an e-mail if interested in MechDome

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