Media Profile Modification for the Xperia X8 Brings Lag Free Video

Media Profile Modification for the Xperia X8 Brings Lag Free Video

Collaborations make XDA go round. Without them we wouldn’t have CyanogenMod on 50+ phones, root for most devices, or fixes to literally thousands of problems. For those carrying the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, collaboration has brought even more fixes.

XDA Senior Member CKKnot posted a thread aimed at fixing a variety of video-related problems including:

1. No lag during recording, delay, stuck, Video/Audio interleave (Video and audio does not match each other).
2. Can be played on our x8 stock player.
3. Must be high quality enough/fine to be viewed.
4. The highest bit-rate available.

The purpose of the thread is to find a configuration that yields lag free, high quality video in the stock player. So far, only one configuration has been posted. And while it does allow for all the proper fixes, it breaks video in MMS. Users who want to apply the profile modification need to know how to modify XML files, and how to compile / decompile apk files.

For those who want to contribute a media profile, help fix the currently posted configuration, or simply apply the configuration; head over to the original thread. As always, make sure to backup any files before modifying.

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