MediaTek’s 5G Dimensity chips will finally start shipping on smartphones outside of China later this year

MediaTek’s 5G Dimensity chips will finally start shipping on smartphones outside of China later this year

MediaTek has enjoyed great success in the budget and mid-range SoC segments over the years. However, the company has struggled to replicate a similar success story in the upper mid-range and flagship space, where it loses out to Qualcomm. At one point, the company even decided to give up on the high-end segment altogether and centered its efforts solely on the entry-level chipsets, only to make a comeback a year later under new branding, Dimensity. The MediaTek Dimensity 1000 was the first SoC in the new lineup, featuring the latest ARM Cortex-A77 cores, Mali-G77 GPU, and 5G modem. However, so far, devices with the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 have curiously been restricted to China, but that could change soon.


The company went on to launch a few more chipsets under the new brand, including the mid-range Dimensity 800, Dimensity 820, Dimensity 1000+, and Dimensity 720, which was unveiled just last week.

As impressive as these chipsets might sound on paper, we have yet to see a device with a Dimensity chipset launch internationally. Every single smartphone that launched with the MediaTek Dimensity SoC so far has been limited to the Chinese market only.  But that might soon change as the company has now officially confirmed its plans to bring the Dimensity chipsets to more markets outside China.

During MediaTek’s Q2 2020 earning call, the company made the following remarks to give us an idea as to when we can expect devices featuring Dimensity SoCs to hit the international markets:

Very importantly, our 5G smartphone shipment to regions beyond Mainland China will start in the third quarter.

MediaTek didn’t reveal much info beyond just stating that shipments of chipsets will begin in Q3 2020. It remains unclear which OEMs will be among the first to bring smartphones powered by Dimensity SoC to the global markets.

The current list of smartphones with Dimensity SoC includes the iQOO Z1 (Dimensity 1000+), Oppo Reno3 5G (Dimensity 1000L), Redmi 10X series (Dimensity 820), ZTE Axon 11 SE, Honor Play 4 series, and Honor X10 Max (Dimensity 800).

The flagship SoC space is in a desperate need for a competitive, alternative option, and it looks like MediaTek’s Dimensity lineup might just be the answer we are looking for. It remains to be seen whether MediaTek will be able to leverage its new branding to gain a foothold against Qualcomm and, more importantly, deliver performance and efficiency that closely rival the Snapdragon’s 7xx and 8xx series of chipsets.

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