MediaTek Seemingly Backing Down on the Flagship SoC Market

MediaTek Seemingly Backing Down on the Flagship SoC Market

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It is no secret that MediaTek is one of the largest mobile SoC manufacturers worldwide, if not the largest. After all, while phones powered by MediaTek are not really common to see in the Western market, the vast majority of Chinese phones – even cheap knockoff ones – are powered by a MTK processor. That’s partly because, while they lag behind other competitors like Qualcomm, Samsung or Huawei, they have one thing going for them: their midrange and lowrange processors are really cheap. And while MediaTek is thriving on both of these markets, they also have a high-end range which is not selling as good.

Indeed, while their midrange Helio P25 and P30 SoCs are used on a wide array of devices worldwide, their MediaTek Helio X30 SoC, which features a jaw-dropping decacore processor, only saw buy-in from Chinese OEMs Meizu and Elephone this year. The SoC overall has not lived up to expectations and is falling behind the cracks of the Snapdragon 835, the A11 Bionic, the Exynos 8895 and the Kirin 970. And if a report by technology site Gearburn is to be believed, MediaTek’s main focus may not be high range processors anymore.

According to MediaTek’s General Manager for International Sales, Mr. Finbarr Moynihan, the company will be taking a “break” from flagship-grade chipsets to instead focus on their better selling midrange offerings. The reason of this is the advent of mid-range Chinese devices, which are becoming more and more popular over flagship phones and for which the Helio P lineup of midrange SoCs is a better fit than the Helio X lineup.

However, MediaTek is not backing out completely from the high-range market. While we may not see a Helio X35 or Helio X40 launching in 2018, they seem to have plans for launching new flagship grade chipsets in the following years, as Mr. Moynihan said that they’ll “continue to push up from where we are today”. Many users, enthusiasts and developers here at XDA prefer competitor offerings from Qualcomm since they have substantially better developer support than MediaTek currently does, but as MediaTek makes their processors more and more accessible, we should see development for MTK-powered devices growing steadily.

Source: Gearburn