Set Up Your MediaTek Device with Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Set Up Your MediaTek Device with Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

As can be seen with the use of MediaTek chips in Android One devices such as the Micromax Canvas A1 and phones from Meizu and Lenovo such as the MX4 and Vibe X2 respectively, devices with MediaTek processors are aplenty in the Android market. Despite a stigma of not being developer friendly or adhering to GPLv2 requirements, recent strides have been made by MediaTek to change this reputation, evidenced by their sponsorship of XDA:DevCon ’14, and releasing the full kernel source for Android One devices. Such progress is comforting for owners of MediaTek devices, both old and new. But if you’re a new owner and don’t know where to start, this essential beginner’s guide may be what you’re looking for.


Written by XDA Senior Member carliv, this tutorial is written specifically with the beginner in the mind, teaching you all the essentials you need to know to get started with a MediaTek device. This includes:

  • Rooting the phone
  • Making a NVRAM backup
  • Making a backup of the stock ROM
  • Generating and flashing a custom CWM
  • Getting a root file explorer

Handy screenshots, which are quite detailed, accompany each step of the tutorial, providing a visual guidance. Additionally, the tutorial requires you to be in possession of a couple of tools which are listed and linked in the post.

This guide is a must for any new owner of a MediaTek device. If you would like to find out more, visit the MediaTek beginner’s guide thread for more information.

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