MediaTek MT5670 chipset announced for 4K smart TVs like the OnePlus TV

MediaTek MT5670 chipset announced for 4K smart TVs like the OnePlus TV

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Readers of our website would recognize MediaTek as one of the few SoC manufacturers for early and mid-range smartphones, known for their popular Helio P-series and the recently launched MediaTek Helio G90T that is present inside the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. But MediaTek’s reach extends beyond smartphones, as the company owns 70% of the market share in the digital and smart TV segment, with more than 2 Billion TVs across the world using a MediaTek SoC. At an event in New York, MediaTek took the wraps off its newest chipset for smart TVs: the MediaTek MT5670.

If the MT5670 sounds familiar to you, you may recall it as the SoC mentioned in the Google Play Developer Console for the OnePlus TV (device codename: OnePlus_Dosa_IN). At that time, there was no information to be found, but MediaTek has now formally announced the SoC, ahead of the launch of the OnePlus TV.

The MediaTek MT5670 comes with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores operating at 1.5GHz, along with an ARM Mali-G51 GPU. This chipset supports Android TV 9, and support for 4K UHD content at 60Hz. Other features include worldwide multi-standard analog TV demodulator, ATSC/DVB-T/DVB-C/ISDB-T demodulators, 3D graphic support with OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.1/3.2, H.264 encoder support, multi-standard video decoder support (including VP9), and HDMI 2.0 receiver with 3D support. MediaTek also makes use of proprietary AI Picture Quality technology which uses facial and scene recognition to automatically adjust sharpness and fine-tune picture quality settings. The SoC also supports MediaTek’s MiraVision technology and MDDi de-interlace solution for smooth picture quality. The MT5670 SoC also enables TV makers to integrate voice capabilities to their TV, which has now become a standard feature for smart TVs.

MediaTek’s press release mentions that the MT5670 will be available globally in smart TVs that are launching this month. MediaTek does not explicitly mention which TVs come with this SoC, but we can take a healthy guess at this stage.