Meet AWD, an Android IDE for Web Development

Meet AWD, an Android IDE for Web Development

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Web development isn’t easy, and good developers need to know a few programming languages to make rich and interactive pages. Recently we talked about the Cordova project that was Google’s attempt at linking development for Android and the Web. We even created a forum for it. The application we will talk about next is something right in between Android and Web.

If you’ve ever tried to do some Website testing on Android device, you might have noticed that some things don’t quite work properly. Developing them on PC and pushing your code back to mobile, especially at the internal testing stage, isn’t incredibly convenient. To alleviate this concern, XDA Forum Member divers made an app that allows you to do many interesting things with your Web development source files.

AWD allows you to easily check the syntax of your code, make your code look better, and most importantly, connect to your PC to obtain and edit files directly. The feature list is quite long, and contains lots of interesting options. If you lack a good code editor on your PC, you can always use your Android device, and with AWD the result surely will surprise you.

More information about the project as well as the application itself can be found in the original thread.