Megavideo Player Available for Android

Megavideo Player Available for Android

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Unless you have been internet impaired for the last couple of years, you will probably have heard about Megavideo. Just in case you haven’t, Megavideo is a site, much like Youtube, where you can upload videos to share with the rest of the world. Megavideo gives you options to download videos among other features, but aside from it being available on Android via other players, there was no Megavideo specific app, like Youtube. Well, thanks to XDA member RotxeD, the Megavideo app just became a reality. While the app is not officially released by the people behind the website, it is fully endorsed by them, providing support for the devs in order to make the app better.

The app is currently in beta stage, but it gets updates for bugs rather regularly. So, if you are into this site and would like to give this app a shot, please be sure to get it from the market and leave some feedback for the dev.

Megavideo is an Android application that lets you download and stream any video from Megavideo®, directly on your Android smartphone!

You can find more information in the application thread.

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