Meizu Releases Flyme 6 For Third Party Devices

Meizu Releases Flyme 6 For Third Party Devices

Flyme OS is one of the most popular Android-based operating systems in China. Produced by Meizu, Flyme is officially available on all of its own smartphone offerings, but recently the company has started to port Flyme 6 for other smartphones.

The first smartphone (apart from Meizu’s phones) that has received official support for Flyme OS is the OnePlus 3T. The full list of the compatible devices has grown much longer since then. Currently, the Chinese brand supports 13 other devices among the handful of devices they already support.

Flyme 6 is the latest version of the operating system by Meizu. The system includes a new search feature where a user can search anything on the Internet using the camera (reminiscent of Google Goggles or Samsung’s Bixby Vision). Uploaded photography is analyzed and the answer delivered if available. Meizu states that the database has over 65 million answers available to search through. Flyme 6 also offers a horizontal paginated multi-tasking screen, a game mode feature, and support for multi-profile access through different lock screen patterns among other features.


The download page is not translated into English, but for your convenience, we are listing the devices and the download link for each:






The installation procedure is pretty simple. You just need to install it like your favorite custom ROM. Just be warned that you’ll definitely need to perform a factory reset before flashing Flyme 6.

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Thanks to Andy Chan for help with translation!

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