Meizu’s port-less smartphone crashes on Indiegogo, CEO says it was just a marketing stunt

Meizu’s port-less smartphone crashes on Indiegogo, CEO says it was just a marketing stunt

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The recent trend in smartphone design is minimalism. We’re seeing OEMs remove as many physical components as possible to get down to a barebone “full-screen” display and not much else. Headphone jacks have been the easiest target, but we’ve seen some phones go as far as removing physical volume buttons and front-facing cameras. All of this reached the apex in January with the Meizu Zero, the “World’s First Holeless Phone.”

The Meizu Zero had no “holes” or buttons of any kind. That included no headphone jack, no volume or power buttons, no SIM card slot, no charging port, and even no speaker cutout. The only features ruining the perfectly smooth, featureless design was a camera bump and tiny microphone/reset holes. Who would want such a phone? Apparently, the answer to that is 29 people as that is how many people backed the failed Indiegogo campaign.

Or was it a failed campaign? That is what you might think when an Indiegogo campaign fails to reach even half of its goal. According to Meizu CEO Jack Wong, it was all just a stunt by the marketing team.

“This crowdfunding project was just the marketing team messing about. The holeless phone is just a development project from the R&D department, we never intended to mass-produce this project.”

It’s possible that this is true and Meizu was just playing around with a concept for the future. Naturally, some people will say he is trying to play off the campaign failure as not being real. Regardless, the “holeless” phone still seems like a couple of years away. We’re sure more companies will throw their hats into the ring, but hopefully, they don’t use Indieogogo to do it.

Via: Engadget