Message Forwarder app can forward incoming SMS, MMS, and Call notifications via SMS or email

Message Forwarder app can forward incoming SMS, MMS, and Call notifications via SMS or email

If you own two or more phones but like to use or carry around just one around at a time, chances are that you miss a lot of notifications. By not being almost always available to attend important calls or notifications, you can risk potential business or personal links. So, we have an app that lets you beat it – “Message Forwarder” automatically forwards alerts about incoming calls, SMS, MMS to another number or email.

To get notifications on another number, the app requires you to configure different scenarios and triggers. The setup process comes with descriptions and hints on each screen that make it very easy. To begin, you create a new set of rules and select the kind of messages and notifications you need alerts for. For now, the app only supports SMS, MMS, and Phone calls, and not any other third-party application like WhatsApp. If you want, you can select only important contacts from your phonebook to avoid receiving alerts about each message or call.


The alerts can be sent to multiple numbers and email IDs separately. Note that for sending the message to another number, standard messaging charges will apply as the app uses the phone which has the app installed. For e-mails, you need to either set up a sender’s email ID or authorize an existing account saved on your phone. Next, you can either choose to send the messages as they are or choose a static message like “Check other phone” and the same message would show for all messages or calls you receive.

You can also add filters to find a specific word or phrase within the contents of the messages. Likewise, you can also block forwarding for SMS or MMS messages that contain a specific keyword. Then you can choose to keep or hide the name of the original sender or caller. Lastly, you can set schedules based on how you use your devices for the Message Forwarder app to run.

XDA Thread: Message Forwarder by XDA member yasmanillanes

Do note that the app works on a freemium model so you’ll either need to buy the premium version or watch video ads to gather credits. I used the app and there was almost no latency but that might also vary with the network on your primary phone.

Check out the thread on XDA Forums for more information and download the app via our in-house app, XDA Labs.

Thanks to XDA Senior member tiniwings for the screenshots!

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