Messages’ Spam Protection feature is rolling out for some users

Messages’ Spam Protection feature is rolling out for some users

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We’ve known for a while now that Messages (a.k.a. Android Messages) will be getting an “automatic spam detection” feature. This was originally discovered in July with version 3.4 along with the Dark Theme and solidified when a support page for the feature went up with version 3.6 just a couple of months ago. “Spam Protection” is finally rolling out for some users now.

Previously, it was only possible to manually report and block spammers after you receive a message. Spam Protection, on the other hand, requires less input from the user. When enabled, some information about the received message will be sent to Google. Your personal information, such as phone number, is stripped from the message and not sent to Google. They will then use this information to detect spam in the future. You can still report spam manually.

Spam Protection appears to be rolling out via a server-side switch in a limited capacity. Users who have the feature were greeted with the above prompt when opening the app. Google is making sure people know that none of the content from their messages will be sent. The Spam Protection options can be found in the Advanced section of the settings. Let us know if you have this feature! Will you be allowing Google to protect you from spam?

Source: Android Police