Messenger Pro is an Xposed Module that adds loads of features to Facebook Messenger

Messenger Pro is an Xposed Module that adds loads of features to Facebook Messenger

Meta’s Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, riding on the sheer popularity of Facebook. The Messenger app does a lot of things right for it to gain this popularity, but it also has a few limitations that are intentionally placed. For example, the inability to use text formatting on the mobile client seems pretty odd. If you are looking to fix some of Messenger’s quirks and add a lot of features to the Android app, try out the Messenger Pro Xposed Module.

Messenger Pro by XDA Member Mino260806 is an Xposed Module that contains a variety of mods that adds and extends features to the official Messenger app. Notable functionalities of the module include support for common text formatting, the ability to attach any file, confirmation dialog before calling, and more.


The complete list of features that the app adds is given below:

  • Message formatting. Note that it doesn’t currently support nested items. Supported tokens:
    • *bold* → bold
    • !italic! → italic
    • _underline_ → underline
    • -cross out- → cross out
  • Ability to attach any file. You can even attach images and their quality won’t be downgraded (but no preview!).
  • Automatically watermark any image you send.
  • Show confirmation dialog before calling someone to prevent accidental calls.
  • A bunch of feature-rich commands. Currently supported commands:
    • /wikipedia [ISO 2 letter language code] [article title]
    • /reddit [subreddit] [sort(optional)]
    • /word pronounce [word] (/word define will be added in a future release)
  • Access to Messenger Pro settings from the top right corner. You can disable/enable the previous features to match your preferences.

Keep in mind that the developer has yet to come up with a universal hooking method because of the heavily-obfuscated nature of the Messenger codebase. As a result, the first alpha build of Messenger Pro is only compatible with Messenger version 350. at this moment, and you need to downgrade to this specific version before installing the module. The module is open-source, so you can easily peek under the hood.

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