Messenger Update Brings Custom Contact Colors and More

Messenger Update Brings Custom Contact Colors and More

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When the Nexus 6 leaks began to surface earlier this year, one major software discovery was the presence of an icon titled “Messenger” on the home screen. The icon and title gave most of it away, but the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop confirmed what many already suspected: SMS messages could be unbundled from Hangouts if users so desired. The result was Messenger, a no-hassles SMS solution that is simple and easy to use and sports Google’s Material Design language.

Earlier today, an update for Messenger rolled out with bug fixes and a custom color feature. Earlier, Messenger randomly assigned colors for contacts, but this update allows you to change a contact color, prompting you to pick from a predefined palette. Another significant change is the animation that occurs when opening a thread–the earlier stuttered expansion has been replaced by the standard smoothness that is prevalent in Material Design.

Head on over to the via AP link below to check out the latest version of Messenger. The APK is officially signed by Google and will update your existing app.

[Via AndroidPolice]