Meta accounts are finally rolling out to Quest VR users

Meta accounts are finally rolling out to Quest VR users

Back in July, Meta announced that it would no longer require its Quest VR users to sign up and log in with a Facebook account. The company announced plans to introduce Meta accounts giving users more flexibility. Well, four weeks into August, the company has finally made the new accounts available.

While the update might not be hitting your device at this very moment, the firm states that it will roll out gradually. So, how do you set up a Meta account? There are three options: users can use their Facebook account, Instagram account, or register with an email account. When the option is available, you can open the Oculus app on your mobile device and choose how you want to sign up.


So, how do you set up a Meta account if you already have a Facebook account? This process will be a bit different than setting an account up from scratch. Users must navigate to an external portal, combining the accounts. This will ensure that you can access all of your pre-existing data when moving to a new Meta account.


When setting up a Meta account with an email, additional information will be required, like your name and birthday. The company states that having birthdays on file will allow the platform to push the right content to the correct age group. There is still an age limit in place to use its services which is 13.

Those with a stand-alone Oculus account must create a new Meta account by January 1, 2023. To create an account, Oculus account users must navigate to this webpage and continue the process. You’ll be requested to sign in and enter the code found on your headset when pairing for the first time. Once complete, your purchases will be synced.

If all of that wasn’t enough, after setting up a Meta account, users will be required to set up a Meta Horizon account. This account will be the social profile for your VR experience, containing your avatar, personal connections, and more. If this is something you don’t care for, you can set your profile to private. If you want to start exploring VR, you can purchase the Meta Quest 2 starting at $399.99.

    The Meta Quest 2 offers the best bang for buck for VR beginners.

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