The Meta Quest v44 update brings enhanced video features for creators

The Meta Quest v44 update brings enhanced video features for creators

A new update, v44, is rolling out to Meta Quest owners. The update will feature new advanced video settings that are meant to empower and give creators more flexibility with their content. However, the new settings won’t be available by default, and creators will need to pop into the experimental settings to enable it.

Once the new experimental settings are enabled, creators will gain access to a wide variety of features that has to do with recording footage from their VR headset. One common problem with VR footage is that it captures the user’s movements. So if the user is bobbing or shaking their head, this will also show up in video. Now, creators will be able to access an image stabilization mode that will offer different degrees of stabilization. While this is a great idea, in practice, it might not be such a good thing, as more stabilization is added, the less field of view the footage will have.


Quest v44 experimetnal menua

Furthermore, users will now also be able to choose their desired aspect ratio, shooting either 16:9 horizontal,  9:16 vertical videos, and in a 1:1 aspect ratio as well. In addition, frame rates can now be chosen, but as a warning, higher frame rates will effect app performance. Those looking to get the best quality videos from their VR sessions will be happy to know that Meta has added a way to set the compression quality for videos with different bit rates, with a higher bit rate having higher quality but an increased file size.

Meta is also introducing new parental supervision tools that will block teens from accessing developer mode. This will prevent any unauthorized apps from being installed on the Quest headset. Furthermore, the Quest will improve on the App Unlock feature that was added in the v40 update. Going forward, parents will now to be able to lock multiple apps using a single PIN. In addition, parents will also be able to lock or filter apps based on the rating categories.

The v44 update is currently rolling out to Quest and Quest 2 headsets. If interested in experiencing VR, you can purchase the Quest 2 starting at $399.99.

    The Meta Quest 2 is an entry-level VR headset that can work as a stand-alone unit or connected to a PC.

Source: Oculus Blog

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