MetaMorph – Theme Control File Upgrader

MetaMorph – Theme Control File Upgrader

If you’re a fan of themes on Android, and use the MetaMorph app developed by Stericson, then you might be aware that Stericson recently upgraded MetaMorph to use .xml files rather than .thm control files in both the free MetaMorph and the Pro version. The consequence of this is that current themes will no longer work.

MetaMorph allows you to theme, patch, and mod your phone by adding or changing files on your system and apps.  The new version of Metamorph now uses a new xml theme control file, so older themes need to be converted to work with this.

XDA forum member Formel-LMS has posted an app (developed by Danation from the ModMyMoto forum) that updates the thm files in your Morph to the new xml format.

If your favorite theme is no longer working, and you find that you are waiting for your themer to update his/her themes, then why not go ahead and try out the tool yourself?

For more information, and to download the upgraded app, visit the application thread.

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