Microsoft recaps new features for Microsoft 365 in February

Microsoft recaps new features for Microsoft 365 in February

As we approach the end of yet another month, Microsoft has shared an overview of all the changes and improvements made to the Microsoft 365 suite in February. The list of changes this month is relatively small, but there are still some welcome news here.

Some of the biggest news this month have to do with Windows 365, Microsoft’s Cloud PC service. Microsoft is making it possible to provision Cloud PCs without needing an Azure subscription. Instead, managers can use Azure Active Directory Join during the provisioning experience. Additionally, the first-run experience for Cloud PCs can now be localized in 38 different languages, which should make the service that much more useful for businesses around the world. Both of these features entered preview in February, and general availability is coming soon.


Teams received a relatively small update for February, that being the ability to hide or pin your own video during a meeting. This could be useful depending on whether you want to be able to see yourself during the call or if you want more space to see other participants.

Viva Learning, a learning hub available in Microsoft Teams as part of the “employee experience platform” that is Viva, is also getting integration with learning management systems (LMS), including SAP SuccessFactors, Saba Cloud, and more. This way, employees can more easily see what required learning assignments they have due in the near future and get started on them.

Yammer has a couple of new features, starting with a “suggested communities” panel that makes it easier to find new communities to join. The other news is that Yammer communities can now be set to auto-renew when they have new activity, so managers don’t have to manually keep a community running if people are still participating. Finally, Yammer users in the European Union will soon be able to join Yammer external networks hosted in the US while still maintaining policy compliance.

February is a relatively slow month for Microsoft 365 in terms of features, but some of these improvements are certainly welcome. The additional flexibility in setting up Windows 365 should be especially useful for businesses around the world.

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