Microsoft makes autofill passwords a breeze with Authenticator update

Microsoft makes autofill passwords a breeze with Authenticator update

Keeping a library of strong passwords comes with one annoying downside: they’re a pain to manually enter in all your different apps, services, and online portals, especially if you’re on a mobile device. Thankfully, Microsoft is introducing an update to its Authenticator app that will introduce an autofill feature, solving the hassle of remembering and typing in your passwords.

Microsoft on Friday announced its Authenticator app will receive autofill capabilities for passwords across devices and platforms, including iOS and Android. The company is also introducing an autofill extension for Google Chrome. With all of these updates in place, the autofill feature will store your passwords under your Microsoft account, allowing them to be synced across different platforms.


“With Autofill, you can leave the hard work of remembering and autofilling passwords to us,” Microsoft said. “When you enter your password on the login page of a site or an app, Authenticator prompts you to save it, so you don’t have to manually type it in again.”

The GIF below demonstrates how the new autofill feature will work in the Authenticator app on Android.

It streamlines the experience of entering in a password and saves a lot of time. Services like 1Password already offer autofill capabilities across platforms, and it’s incredibly helpful.

Speaking of which, Microsoft said it’s introducing an import feature in the Authenticator app. This allows users to import passwords from Chrome and “some popular password managers.” There’s also the ability to import from a CSV file.

Microsoft said that the new autofill capabilities will require biometric or PIN authentication from users, and the app will always request permission before autofilling a password. Passwords are also encrypted both on your device as well as on the cloud, Microsoft said.

Looking to the future, Microsoft said that it’s also working to bring autofill information from Edge to the Authenticator app on mobile devices. That includes payment info, addresses, and more. It’s unclear, however, when those features might be available.

The new autofill features in Microsoft Authenticator are available on Android starting today.

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