Microsoft to Counter “OK Google” with Bing Torque

Microsoft to Counter “OK Google” with Bing Torque

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When Microsoft is making apps for Android, users should be aware that something strange is going on. And when these apps have the goal of replacing Google Now’s voice search, we can only say “Oh my!” using our best George Takkei voices. Well, Microsoft decided that they were indeed up for the challenge, and as such, they have released Bing Torque for Android Wear. Whether this application has even a trace of a chance at beating Google Now’s nearly ubiquitous “OK Google” functionality remains uncertain.

Bing Torque lets you search for things by twisting your hand back and forth. After performing this nearly acrobatic maneuver, you can ask your question–and if you’re lucky, Bing will give you the answer. There is one small prerequisite that is required to try this app out. You need to sign in using your Live account. This is slightly awkward seeing as to how this is Android, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. The application should give you the answer to most questions, albeit it’s still less accurate than Google Now.

The mechanism of launching the voice detection is a tad weird. You need to be careful to not gesticulate too much, otherwise you’ll end up with completely drained battery really fast. It has some issues with the Moto 360, but according to reports, it works quite well with other smartwatches armed with Android Wear.

You can grab the Bing Torque and play with it on your device by finding the app in the Bing Torque Google Play Store listing.