Microsoft Edge 104 can import your Chrome data, even without Chrome

Microsoft Edge 104 can import your Chrome data, even without Chrome

Microsoft has released version 104 of the Edge browser in the Stable channel, meaning it’s rolling out to the general public. This new version of Edge comes with a couple of significant updates, not the least of which is the ability to import browser data from Google Chrome, even if you’ve never installed the Chrome browser on your PC.

Indeed, when you first launch Edge, it will now give you the option to log into your Google account. This allows Edge to retrieve browsing data from Chrome that has been synced to the cloud, making it easier than ever to switch to Edge. Microsoft has been pushing hard to get users to switch to its browser, and this new move seems to be focused on getting users to stick with Edge when setting up a new PC, before they have the chance to search for a Chrome download link.  Typically, browsers can import data from other browsers installed on the system, but that means you have to go out of your way to install a new browser in the first place. Since Edge is built into Windows, this could help draw users away from Chrome.


The only other noteworthy change has to do with enhanced security mode, a feature that first debuted with Edge 98 back in February. This feature disables just-in-time compilation for websites that aren’t specifically identified as safe. This approach reduces the potential attack surface on dangerous websites, but it comes at the cost of compatibility, which is why your most frequently visited sites were exempt and the feature was turned off by default.

Screenshot of Microsoft Edge settings showing enhanced security mode is enabled and set to the Basic level

With Edge version 104, Microsoft is adding a new Basic level, in addition to the existing Balanced and Strict levels for this feature. Basic mode makes it so that enhanced security mode only comes into play on less-frequented websites, so you can still have the most popular online platforms function normally and have an additional layer of protection for websites that you only rarely go to. By default, enhanced security mode will still be turned off, but if you choose to enable it, you have the option to make it less aggressive.

As for where you can enable this feature, simply click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser window, and go to Settings, then Privacy, search, and services. Scroll down until you see Enhance your security on the web, and then enable the feature. If you don’t see the new Basic level, you can check for updates in the About Microsoft Edge section on the left side of the window.

Source: Microsoft

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