Microsoft Edge 94 will bring numerous improvements to Immersive Reader and Sleeping Tabs

Microsoft Edge 94 will bring numerous improvements to Immersive Reader and Sleeping Tabs

Microsoft Edge 94 has been released to the Dev channel and it gives us a sneak peek at some of the new features that will eventually arrive on the stable version. The latest version brings along some new improvements to Immersive Reader and Sleeping Tabs, adds a dedicated page for Accessibility settings, and more.

Edge 94 continues to improve Immersive Reader (via Techdows), a feature that provides a distraction-free reading experience by removing visual elements like ads and images and letting you customize fonts and the background color on a webpage. In Edge 94, Microsoft is adding a new option in Immersive Reader to make the columns of text wider. You can find the Text column style option under Text preferences and can choose between three styles: narrow, medium, or wide.


Text column style option in Microsoft Edge browser

The sleeping tabs feature, which automatically puts inactive browser tabs to sleep to boost performance and reduce CPU and memory usage, can now be set to kick in after less than a minute of inactivity. Currently, the lowest interval you can choose is 5 minutes of inactivity. But Edge 94 is adding a much shorter interval that puts background tabs to sleep after just 30 seconds of inactivity. You can change the interval under Settings > System > Optimize performance > Put inactive tabs to sleep after the specified amount of time.

Finally, Edge 94 adds a dedicated settings page for Accessibility settings to let you access all accessibility-related features and preferences in one place. The section appears at the bottom of the settings page just above About Microsoft Edge.

These new improvements are now live in Microsoft Edge Dev v94.0.982.2. If you’re interested in trying out new features before they arrive on the stable channel, you can grab the latest build of Microsoft Edge Dev from here.

With Edge 94, Microsoft is moving to a 4-week release cycle, which means stable builds will be released every 4 weeks. Previously the company followed a 6-week cycle.
As per Microsoft’s official schedule, Edge 94 will be released to the Beta channel in the first week of September and arrive on the stable channel around September 23.

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