Microsoft Edge 96 adds price notifications and easy password updates

Microsoft Edge 96 adds price notifications and easy password updates

Microsoft is rolling out a new update to its Edge browser this week, and with the holiday season coming up, the focus is on online shopping. Microsoft Edge 96 is the latest version, and it comes with a few new features, including price history – which is also coming to Android – easier access to Microsoft Rewards, and more.

Starting with the price history feature, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. When you view a product online, Microsoft Edge can start tracking its price and let you know when it changes so you can save money. Edge will notify you of price changes for products you’ve viewed recently, so you don’t have to keep checking back on each product on your shopping list. This adds to the price comparison and price history features that are already available in Edge.


On that note, Microsoft is finally bringing price comparisons and price history to the Android version of Edge with version 96. These features have been limited to the desktop versions of Edge for a while, so it’s nice to see them coming to smartphones as well. Microsoft says it’s also working to bring other Edge desktop features to mobile.

Another way Microsoft offers to help you save money is Microsoft Rewards, and with this update, that experience is going to be more readily accessible. From the ellipsis menu, you’ll now be able to pin Microsoft Rewards to your Edge toolbar so you can get to it more quickly.

Aside from saving money, Microsoft is also adding a new easy update feature for saved passwords. When one of your passwords has been compromised, you can now go to the password manager in Edge’s settings and click the Go to website button, which takes you directly to the right page to update your password for that site. This feature is only available for a few websites at first, but Microsoft says it’s going to expand it soon. On a side note, Edge can also generate new passwords automatically, saving you the trouble of making one yourself.

Easy password updates in Microsoft Edge 96

Another new feature is a new efficiency mode available in the Edge settings. This feature is meant to help you prolong the battery life of your laptop by lowering CPU and memory usage for the browser. Microsoft warns that the benefits from this may vary depending on your typical usage scenarios, but it should be a welcome feature nonetheless.

Finally, Microsoft has also announced that its Bing search engine is partnering with Good On You, a platform that grades fashion brands on various sustainability-related metrics. Bing will let you know when you’re buying responsibly-sourced items so you can make purchasing decisions based on sustainability, too. Aside from that, Edge itself is soon going to add a new feature where for every ten purchases made on eligible websites, a donation will be made to the Eden Reforestation Project, helping to plant trees in locations where they’re most needed. Both of these features are only available in the UK, at least for now.

The new price tracking and password features are rolling out with Edge version 96. You can check for updates by opening the ellipsis menu in Edge and clicking About Microsoft Edge.

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