Microsoft Edge is getting a new Drop feature to share files and notes across devices

Microsoft Edge is getting a new Drop feature to share files and notes across devices

Microsoft is working on a new feature, called Drop, for its Edge browser, making it easier to share files and notes across devices where Edge is installed. Initially discovered by Neowin, the feature seemingly lives on a sidebar (when used in the desktop version of the browser), and it looks similar to a messaging service, except you only send messages to yourself.

Based on what the screenshots show, you can send just about anything through Drop, whether that’s text or a file attachment. It looks like you can use it as cloud storage of sorts, and in fact, it might actually just be cloud storage. In one of the screenshots, we can see that Edge shows how much space is currently being used on the user’s OneDrive account, suggesting that files sent over Drop live on OneDrive and count towards your storage plan. At that point, you might wonder why not just use OneDrive, but it’s another potentially more convenient to access those files. It’s also a way for Microsoft to try to sell you on more of its products – something the company loves to do with its browser.


Drop is currently only available to Microsoft Edge Insiders running the latest version available in the Canary channel, and it seems to be part of a controlled feature rollout. That means even if you’re in the Canary channel, you might not be able to see the feature just yet.

Microsoft is constantly working on new features for Edge, which you may or may not like. Most recently, the company partnered with CloudFlare to offer Secure Network Mode, a built-in VPN service that encrypts your data as you browse the internet. during its Build event last week, Microsoft also announced that it’s improving the PWA experience on Edge so web apps feel more like native apps.

If you’d like to try the Drop feature right now, you can try downloading the latest Canary version of Microsoft Edge and see if you’re one of the lucky few who have it available. If you are, you can enable the Drop button by going to the three-dot menu and then choosing Settings -> Appearance. The option lives just below the Citations button.

Source: Neowin

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