Microsoft Edge is getting a Sleeping Tabs feature to unload background tabs automatically

Microsoft Edge is getting a Sleeping Tabs feature to unload background tabs automatically

Microsoft introduced the original Edge browser as part of Windows 10 back in 2015. It was the spiritual successor to the infamous Internet Explorer and aimed to offer users an improved, lightweight internet browsing experience. However, the browser wasn’t as well received as Microsoft would have hoped, which is why the company released a new Chromium-based version of Edge last year. Unlike Microsoft’s previous browser efforts, the new Chromium-based Edge browser has proven to be quite popular and Microsoft is making constant efforts to bring new features to the browser. As per a recent report from ghacks, Microsoft is currently working on improving the performance of Edge for desktops by introducing a new Sleeping Tabs feature.


The new Sleeping Tabs feature has been spotted in Microsoft Edge 87, which is currently available in the Canary channel. The feature is designed to reduce the browser’s resource consumption by putting background tabs to sleep automatically. To enable this feature, you’ll first need to download the latest Canary release of Microsoft Edge on your system. Then you’ll need to head over to edge://flags in the browser search for the following experimental flags:

Microsoft Edge

Once these new flags have been enabled, you’ll need to restart the browser for the changes to take effect. The next time you use the browser, background tabs will be automatically put to sleep. As you can see in the attached image, background tabs that have been put to sleep will have a light gray color. The different color scheme will help you differentiate sleeping tabs from those that are active. You can also hove over a tab to find out if it’s sleeping and Edge will display the following prompt for sleeping tabs: “this tab is sleeping to save resources.”

Clicking on a sleeping tab will activate it and restore it to wherever you left off. However, it may take some time for a sleeping tab to load back up. Do note that the Sleeping Tabs feature is currently experimental and Microsoft may make some further changes before it’s released on the stable channel. We currently don’t have any information about the release timeline from Microsoft. We’ll update this post as soon as Microsoft Edge 87 starts rolling out on the stable channel.

Via: ghacks

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