Microsoft Edge is now more popular than Safari on desktop, according to StatCounter

Microsoft Edge is now more popular than Safari on desktop, according to StatCounter

It was a long time ago, but there used to be a simpler time when you could only open Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari and do your web browsing. Today, the landscape has changed drastically, with a plethora of web browser options being made available to users. Google’s Chrome has consistently dominated, retaining the lion’s share of the global market. But, it looks like Microsoft’s Edge browser has been quietly adding users over the past year, enough to surpass Apple’s Safari browser.

According to Statcounter, Microsoft Edge has by a small margin, increased its worldwide market share to overtake Apple’s Safari browser. The former with 10.07% and the latter with 9.61%. As mentioned previously, the top spot is held by Google’s Chrome browser, dominating with a worldwide market share of 66.64%.


Although this is quite interesting, things change quite a bit when shifting regions. When accounting for just the United States, Safari comes in with 17.09% and Microsoft Edge at 12.54%. In Europe, we see a bigger shake up on the with Firefox taking the number two spot with 12.58%, Microsoft Edge coming in close with 11.75%, and Safari in fourth place with 9.34%. As a disclaimer, these statistics are just for desktop browsers.

But globally, it would appear that Microsoft Edge has grown over the past year. In March 2021, the browser had a global market share of 8.03%, while in April 2022, there was growth to 10.07%. Apple’s Safari browser during the same time saw a decrease in market share, going from 10.11% to 9.62%.

There could be a number of reasons why more users are attracted to using Microsoft’s Edge browser. But perhaps the most important is Microsoft’s move to a Chromium-based browser. The Chromium-based Edge browser was initially an option, but Microsoft later pushed the update to Windows users, replacing its old Edge browser. Microsoft has also done quite a bit of work to not only improve its browsers, but to also consistently add new features along the way.

Maybe now is the perfect time for Apple to bring back Safari to Windows?

Source: Statcounter
Via: 9to5Mac

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