Microsoft Edge rolls out history and tab sync for all users

Microsoft Edge rolls out history and tab sync for all users

Nearly a year after the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge was launched, the browser is finally rolling out history and tab sync to a wider range of users. The features will allow Edge users to sync their browsing activity whether they’re on Windows 10, macOS, or mobile (iOS and Android).

According to The Verge, the new features are rolling out gradually, with users in the UK allegedly among the first to receive history and tab sync. You’ll have to manually enable these new features by signing into your Microsoft account in order for them to work. Once history and tab sync are turned on, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on your different devices.


You can check to see if you have the new features by going to Settings > Profiles > Sync. There you’ll see options for History and Open tabs:

  • History: Review the web pages you’ve visited in Microsoft Edge
  • Open tabs: See the same open tabs when you switch between devices.

The arrival of history and tab sync has been long in the making. Microsoft first launched the Chromium-based version of Edge in January 2020, with the company promising to introduce history and tab sync features over the summer. The features were finally available to beta and dev channels in November, paving the way for a launch today.

Despite receiving these features later than anticipated, Microsoft has molded Edge into a formidable alternative to Chrome and Firefox. The browser features built-in tools to help users find the best deals when shopping, improved security, and a helpful screenshot tool that allows users to mark up and add comments.

Microsoft is also testing group tab collapse, password breach notifications, and sidebar search, which will allow users to select text directly on the webpage to quickly see search results without having to navigate away from your current page.

If you don’t see history and tab sync today, you should see the features become available very soon.

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