Microsoft Edge can now sync tabs and history across Android and Windows

Microsoft Edge can now sync tabs and history across Android and Windows

If you’ve been using the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows and your Android device, then there’s good news. Microsoft is finally introducing the ability to sync tabs across the mobile version and the Windows version of the browser. The new feature, however, is only rolling out in beta and also includes an option that lets you sync your history across the different versions of the browser.

According to Windows Central, the feature was spotted by a user that had Edge Beta with version As per the shared screenshots, the user already got the update on December 11. This essentially means that the new features should soon roll out for all in the coming weeks.

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To use this feature (once it is rolled out to you) all you need to do is enable History and Open Tabs sync in Edge. To do so, open the browser on your Android device and head over to Settings. Tap on your email address and then tap on Sync. You should see options for Open Tabs and History, which you need to check. Once you’ve done that, restart your browser and wait for the pages to sync.

Edge currently allows you to sync various content on the browser including form data, password, favorites, and collections. By adding the option to sync your history makes it seamless to open a particular website that you viewed on a certain device and then quickly open it on the other. The Edge browser already has a feature that allows you to send open websites from your mobile to your PC, but syncing tabs make it easier to sync multiple pages across devices rather than opening them one by one. Additionally, the report also points out that the settings page that shows options for syncing tabs, favorites, and other content also includes a checkbox for syncing payments, although it is not available at the moment. This means that Microsoft is also working on introducing the ability to sync your payment options across devices through Edge. This would be a nice touch, certainly after the Tab Group Collapse and Auto Create features.

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