Microsoft Edge now lets you send tabs between devices

Microsoft Edge now lets you send tabs between devices

Back in April, Microsoft started testing a new feature in Edge Canary to make it easier for users to send webpages across different devices. Nearly two months later, Microsoft is now finally expanding this feature to the stable channel.

Tab sharing (via Windows Latest) has gone live for a small set of users on the Edge version 91.0.864.54, the latest stable build. Right now, the feature appears to be a work in progress, though. For example, it doesn’t currently support sharing tabs with Android or iOS devices running the stable Edge version. You will have to download the Canary or Dev version of Edge to make it work. This might explain why it has only rolled out to only a select few users.

Microsoft Edge tab sharing

GIF credit: Windows Latest

As the name implies, the tab sharing feature allows you to send a webpage to your Android or Windows devices running the Edge browser and signed with the same Microsoft account. The implementation is very similar to Chrome. When you open a webpage, you’ll see a laptop/phone icon in the left corner of the address bar. When you click on it, it will display a list of currently available devices. If you’re sending to a smartphone, you’ll see a notification with the URL link and page name pop up in the notification tray as soon as you hit the send button. Meanwhile, links shared to Windows devices will appear in Notification Center.

Pop window showing tab sharing option in MIcrosoft Edge browser

Image credit: Windows Latest

The ability to share tabs across devices is something that Google Chrome and Firefox have had for some years now. So it’s good to see Microsoft Edge finally catching up to them.

To try out tab sharing, make sure you’re running the latest stable version of Edge. As mentioned above, the feature has currently only rolled out to a small set of users. At the time of publishing this piece, it wasn’t available on my end.

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