Microsoft Edge browser gets updated with loads of new features and themes

Microsoft Edge browser gets updated with loads of new features and themes

Microsoft has unveiled a major update for its Edge browser, introducing new features that include sleeping tabs, new themes, and improvements to performance. The latest features arrive a year after the Chromium-powered version of Microsoft Edge was released.

Likely the most exciting features from a consumer standpoint is the introduction of new themes in Edge. Microsoft said it created 24 new themes, giving users plenty of options to personalize their browser experience. Some of the themes are straight from Xbox, including Halo, Gears, Forza, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of Thieves, and more.


The themes apply a new background on the new tab page, while tabs, address bar, and other parts of the browser also take on the look of the theme. Support is also available for vertical tabs in the Dev channel, which the company has recently been testing.

Speaking of design, Microsoft is incorporating more elements of its Fluent design system into Edge, beginning with the browser’s icons, which now take on a rounder and softer appearance. Microsoft said it plans to bring more of its Fluent design system to more of its products, but didn’t share details.

The next thing people will notice in Edge is sleeping tabs. Microsoft said the feature will boost browser performance by improving memory and CPU resource usage. “When you have several tabs open, it will release system resources for inactive tabs to help power new or existing tabs as well as other applications, preventing slowdowns and sluggishness.”

Microsoft is also rolling out new password manager features to Edge. One of the features is a password generator. The new will automatically suggest a secure password when you’re signing up for a new online account or changing an existing password. The password generator arrives ahead of other security features, including a password monitor, which will tell you if one of your passwords is part of a list of leaked credentials on the dark web.

In terms of improved privacy, Microsoft said Edge will include extra transparency to help users manage specific site permissions. Users will be able to control which sites you share location, camera, and microphone access. You can also review, edit, and reset site permissions if you change your mind.

These features are part of a much larger update to Edge, which is also rolling out history and tab sync to all users. The feature was previously made available to certain countries earlier this month.

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