Microsoft Expands Cortana Functionality to Android Lockscreens

Microsoft Expands Cortana Functionality to Android Lockscreens

The war of Virtual Assistants is about to get really hot, once Samsung announces the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with the new Bixby virtual assistant. Considering the popularity of Samsung’s flagships and its entire lineup, the inclusion of a hardware button for activation and the system-level integration on these devices, Bixby could just manage to shake up its competition.

Before this happens though, other tech giants would like to remind you that their virtual assistant exists as well. Microsoft is doing just that by announcing new functionality to Cortana on Android.

Cortana for Android now provides information directly to your lock screen on your Android device. Swipe right on the lockscreen to open up Cortana and get all your information without further hassle.

Cortana is also getting an update to the base app as well. Microsoft has made changes to how information is displayed, now giving us glanceable information about upcoming events in a schedule, commute times, upcoming reminders and the ability to add reminders and calendar entries to a schedule. Lists will also be easier to access in order to view, edit and add items.

Of course, all of these features are in addition to the existing virtual assistant functionality available on Cortana. One of the better aspects is the seamless sync across Windows devices and smartphones. You also get missed call alerts on your PC along with texting functionality.

Cortana’s latest update to Android is rolling out via the Google Play Store. Cortana is now also available in Australia, albeit it still remains restricted out of certain markets and is not globally available.

What are your thoughts on Cortana? Does this update bring the functionalities you want to see on a virtual assistant, or is there still something missing? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Windows Blog

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