Microsoft expands its Designed for Xbox accessories program to cover mobile gaming

Microsoft expands its Designed for Xbox accessories program to cover mobile gaming

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Game streaming services will be the talk of the town next month, as Google enters the ring with Google Stadia. Google’s entry heats up the market which already sees majors like NVIDIA GeForce and Microsoft Project xCloud vying for space in your life. In order to ensure that the customer has all the reasons needed to tie into its ecosystem, Microsoft is expanding its “Designed for Xbox” accessories program to also include mobile gaming.

The Designed for Xbox program allows accessory partners to collaborate with Microsoft to create top-tier hardware that can enable the best possible Xbox gaming experience. This program was earlier limited to console and PC, and now Microsoft is expanding it to include mobile within its ambit, right in time for Project xCloud’s release. This expansion will open the gates for a wide array of Xbox-branded partner devices that will serve to enhance the gaming experience, like controller clips, mobile-first controllers and other hardware that is optimized for phones and tablets.

The first Designed for Xbox product with mobile and Project xCloud in mind is the MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers. This clip aims to secure your phone in place while you use the Xbox wireless controller. The gaming clip features dual locking articulation points that will hold your phone in place. The clip can hold phones that are up to 79mm wide.

The MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers will launch in November 2019 and is available to preorder from Microsoft Stores and other select retailers in the United States and United Kingdom for $14.99.

Microsoft is also working with more partners such as 8bitDo, Gamevice, HORI, PowerA, Razer, and more, to bring in a wider range of hardware experiences for Project xCloud through the Designed for Xbox program. The company is also working on expanding the compatibility of its official Xbox Wireless Controller to more mobile platforms.

Source: Xbox News