Microsoft Garage’s Outings Lets You Explore Places Around the World

Microsoft Garage’s Outings Lets You Explore Places Around the World

Much like Google’s has a team of researchers working on experimental applications, Microsoft has its own. It’s called Microsoft Garage, and it recently published a new tool for iOS and Android called Outings.

Outings lets you explore, discover, and search for interesting places around the world. Under the hood is a curated collection of information from high-quality travel blogs and image galleries, all of which is quite educational. Even if you aren’t planning on taking a trip to, say, the lavender capital of North America, Outings can teach you about it and show you gorgeous photographs from it.

We’ve talked about a few of the projects that Microsoft Garage’s released over the years. One of these — Arrow Launcher, which we covered in October 2015 — and it became the Microsoft Launcher. A few months later, the team published an application called Mimicker Alarm, an alarm clock that forced you to mime actions like making a certain facial expression, reciting a tongue twister, or getting out of bed before the alarm would switch off.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Microsoft Garage is an inventive bunch that loves to experiement. Here’s hoping they don’t slow down the pace of innovation anytime soon.

Source: Microsoft

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