Microsoft has a new Windows 10 build with a refreshed Segoe UI font

Microsoft has a new Windows 10 build with a refreshed Segoe UI font

Today, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 21376 to the Dev channel. For this week’s build, there’s not a whole lot that’s new.

The key new feature is that Microsoft refreshed the Segoe UI font. Obviously, it’s not the most thrilling of changes. The font is designed for 9pt, so it works well at that size but not as well when it’s larger. There’s a new Segoe UI Variable font that’s meant to work well at all sizes, small or large.

Changes that Microsoft made to Segoe UI

There are also a bunch of minor changes. There are some changes to the drag-and-drop cursor design that you’ll notice. There’s also a new icon for the Connect app, so that should be more in line with all of the other visual changes that we’ve seen in this development cycle. And in other Segoe UI news, Segoe UI Historic now has Bamum Unicode support.


Indeed, it’s a big day for fans of Segoe UI.

Once again, the build comes from the co_release branch, the ‘co’ standing for Cobalt as Microsoft’s codenames align with the periodic table. Next spring’s update will be Nickel.

The reason that the branch is significant is that it typically means that there’s a lull in the development cycle. It usually means that Microsoft is preparing a Windows 10 feature update for release. Of course, being that the last two feature updates have been enablement packages, those ‘release’ branches were meaningless.

The Dev channel in the Windows Insider Program is for those that want to stay on a prerelease branch. That branch is typically rs_prerelease, except for these two times a year when it switches to a release branch. When the build comes from rs_prerelease, we also tend to get a bunch more features.

But we’ve got a bunch of features from this cycle already. Indeed, this fall’s Windows 10 feature update is set to be a big one. There’s going to be a big visual overhaul, codenamed Sun Valley. If you’re running an Insider Preview right now, you can already see all-new icons, rounded corners, and more. And if you’ve got a Windows on ARM PC, you’ll finally be able to run x64 apps.

Microsoft hasn’t formally announced this update yet though. And since the Dev channel is in a perpetual state of prerelease, these features aren’t officially tied to a Windows 10 release. We’ll just have to wait until something new arrives in the Beta channel. In the meantime, the Beta channel is hosting Windows 10 version 21H1, which you can install right now.

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