Microsoft and Honor sign partnership to develop “new AI and devices”

Microsoft and Honor sign partnership to develop “new AI and devices”

Honor today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which will see the companies work together to “develop ground-breaking AI and devices”. The goal is to create integrated solutions that ultimately support Honor’s 1+8+N strategy, which sees all of its devices as part of a larger ecosystem that spans every area of consumers’ lives.

Specifically, Honor says that it’s going to use Microsoft’s cloud computing and AI technologies in its products. This includes improving the YOYO digital assistant that ships in the company’s smartphones, collaboration tools, translation services, and more. These improvements should permeate through all of Honor’s devices, making the overall consumer experience smarter.


George Zhao, CEO of Honor, said during the signing ceremony:

“HONOR is committed to adopt a consumer-centric approach and develop best-in-class products for our users. With a strong belief in openness, cooperation, and innovation, we will work closely with our global supply chain partners across the industry to create a world-class product experience with our technological capabilities, market insights, and R&D innovations. HONOR and Microsoft will continue to strengthen our strategic partnership and develop solutions that can incorporate different software and hardware technologies for various user scenarios. We are confident that together HONOR and Microsoft will be able to establish an interconnection between end-devices and the all-scenario ecology to create a new intelligent world for everyone.”

Honor became a fully independent company from Huawei late last year, and it’s been trying to build relationships with partners since it doesn’t have all the R&D resources of its parent company. it’s also tried to establish partnerships with American companies like Google, which it couldn’t do as a Huawei subsidiary. The Honor 50 series and Honor Magic 3 series will be the first phones in a few years to ship with Google services outside of China.

Despite the restrictions, Honor’s MagicBook laptops have continued to ship with Windows, and naturally, that won’t change. However, the company will be announcing the MagicBook V 14 at an event on September 26th, and this will be one of its first laptops to ship with Windows 11. Honor says this laptop will feature “more advanced capabilities in software and hardware integration”, as well as “targeted customizations and upgrades” to improve the experience on Windows 11.

No specific details about the new MagicBook V 14 were revealed, but we won’t have long to wait to know more. Honor MagicBook devices have long sported nearly identical designs with only minor spec upgrades with each generation. Those designs were also loosely based on Huawei-branded laptops, so it’ll be interesting to see if the company can offer more distinct devices going forward.

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