Microsoft introduces Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, coming in at $800

Microsoft introduces Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, coming in at $800

Today, Microsoft is announcing the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera. No, this isn’t just any webcam. This is meant to be the best, “professional grade” camera. The Redmond firm also says that it’s its first AI-powered camera. It also costs $799.99.

The 12MP camera has a 136-degree field of view, and it can focus on anything between 0.4m and 8m. Moreover, it can focus on these different areas at the same time, and it can automatically tell who is speaking in a conference room. It also packs a teraflop of computing power on its own; after all, the Surface Hub 2S uses the same processor that was in the Surface Pro 6, so it can use the boost.


Microsoft also says that it can compensate for tilt, distortions, and wide-angle corrections, and it can detect users in all kinds of postures, lighting conditions, and rooms.

Microsoft conference room camera

Obviously, this isn’t the first AI-powered webcam. Indeed, these days, it seems like every webcam-maker is boasting AI features, such as background blur, face detection, and so on. The big difference here is that this is for the Surface Hub 2, meaning that it’s made for a conference room or even a huddle room instead of for one person in a home office. While even something as small as Apple’s iPad Mini can detect your face and move the camera around with you, the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is meant to focus on a group of people instead.

The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is available beginning today starting at $799.99, although starting May 31, it will be bundled with the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S.

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Microsoft also highlighted some other features that are available across Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Whiteboard, and Teams on Surface Hub 2S, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro. Whiteboard used to have a UI that was optimized for screen-sharing, but now it’s aimed at collaborating through Microsoft Teams. In Outlook, you’ll be able to indicate in RSVPs whether you plan to attend virtually or in-person. The company also touted its new 3D emojis in Teams.

One other thing is that Microsoft wants you to be able to present virtually through PowerPoint, and this feature is coming soon. New features like recording studio and cameo will let you decide how and when your slides should appear, and then you can present via PowerPoint Live in Teams.

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