Microsoft will launch Forza Street on Android in the Samsung Galaxy Store this Spring

Microsoft will launch Forza Street on Android in the Samsung Galaxy Store this Spring

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Back in April of last year, Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios launched Forza Street — a free-to-play racing game for Windows 10 users. Unlike previous titles in the Forza series, Forza Street took a more NFS-like approach to racing games and gave players the chance to experience Miami’s street-racing life. While the game was initially only launched for Windows 10 users, Microsoft had promised to release the title on both Android and iOS later in the year. However, even though the game’s listing has been up on the Google Play Store for months, it still isn’t available for download. Now, according to a recent announcement at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, where the company showcased its latest Galaxy S20 lineup, the game will finally be making it to Android later this year.

As per the announcement, Microsoft will be launching Forza Street in the Galaxy Store later this spring:

“Later this Spring, Samsung partner, Microsoft, will launch its popular Forza Street in the Galaxy Store, marking the first time the game is coming to mobile.”

The free-to-play game will give players the option to race in a variety of different events using cars from their collection. Winning races will help players collect even more cars, ranging from classic American muscle to vintage supercars. In the Play Store listing, Microsoft claims that the controls for the game have been streamlined for touch screen devices and just like the game on PC, players will have to perfectly time the gas, brake, and boost pedals to win. Reviews of the game thus far have been fairly negative, with many praising the cinematics but decrying the lack of real gameplay. Most reviewers played the game on PC, though, where the expectations for such a game are much higher.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft isn’t the first game company to have partnered with Samsung to launch a game on the Galaxy Store before the Google Play Store release. Previously, Fortnite developer Epic Games partnered with the Korean smartphone manufacturer to launch a cross-platform title called Battle Breakers on the Galaxy Store.