Microsoft Launcher Preview adds app drawer folders, double-tap to lock screen

Microsoft Launcher Preview adds app drawer folders, double-tap to lock screen

Microsoft Launcher is a sleeper pick for the best Android launcher. It was originally called “Arrow Launcher” all the way back in 2015, and Microsoft has made several major redesigns since then. Recently, we’ve seen the launcher prepare for the Surface Duo phone, and the latest preview adds even more goodies.

The latest update to Microsoft Launcher Preview adds a few features that will make it easier to organize your home screen and app drawer. Users can now create folders in the app drawer, add a 3rd row to the dock, and double-tap to lock the screen. There are some other improvements and fixes as well.


Folders in the app drawer work pretty much how you’d expect in Microsoft Launcher. Simply long-press on an app in the drawer and tap “Select” from the menu. You can then select all the other apps you want in the folder and tap the folder icon at the top of the screen when done. The folder will be placed at the top of the drawer and you can tap it to rename it.

The 3rd row in the dock can be enabled in the “Dock” section of the launcher settings. Tap “Bottom row of dock” and select “3.” Now you can simply drag an app to the 3rd row. For double-tap to lock the screen, go to “Gestures” in the settings and find “Double-tap.” You can select “Screen lock” or a number of other actions. You will need to give the launcher accessibility and device admin permissions to use this feature.

Microsoft Launcher has also improved the app search feature and fixed bugs and crashes. If you’d like to see the latest features before they hit stable, check out Microsoft Launcher Preview below.

Via: Windows Central

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