Microsoft Launcher v6 tests bringing back Themes and Backup & Restore options

Microsoft Launcher v6 tests bringing back Themes and Backup & Restore options

Microsoft gave up on its smartphone ambitions in 2017 when Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore announced the end of support for the Windows Phone devices. Since then, the company’s mobile efforts have been focussed on creating apps for Android and iOS. The Microsoft Launcher, previously known as the Arrow Launcher, is one of its flagship products and has received multiple improvements over time. Now Microsoft might be working to bring back the choice between Light and Dark Themes along with a Buckup & Restore functionality, both of which were removed in the Launcher’s last Preview build.


With its launch in January, a lot of features were dropped from the Microsoft Launcher v6.0 Preview because it was built ground upon an entirely new codebase. Microsoft Launcher has supported the Dark Theme option for a while but the option to switch manually was also removed with the previous beta. As a result, the theme was set to change automatically with the system-wide theme. Other than that, the Backup option was also removed.

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Theme toggle returns with Preview v6.2

Now, the manual toggle to choose between Light and Dark themes is returning to the latest Microsoft Launcher Preview build i.e. v6.2.

Additionally, an Android developer with Twitter alias Alessandro also shared screenshots of a much-improved Theme selector. Along with the manual toggle, the screenshot also shows a comprehensive set of options like sliders for opacity and blur.

Besides the manual controls for the Launcher’s theme, Alessandro’s images also show that the Backup & Restore option for saving launcher layout preferences.

Since these features appear to be hidden and haven’t returned to either the Preview or the stable channels yet, Alessandro is most likely to have reverse-engineered the features hidden in the latest beta build. There is a good chance that Microsoft enables them officially over the coming supplemental updates.

You can try the latest Microsoft Launcher Preview or the stable build by downloading them from the links below. Do let us know which all features you think Microsoft should enable in the launcher again.

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