Microsoft’s modern keyboards and mice are on sale right now

Microsoft’s modern keyboards and mice are on sale right now

Microsoft might not be the first company that comes to mind when you think about PC accessories, an arena usually dominated by Logitech, Razer, and Corsair. However, Microsoft does sell some keyboards, mice, and other devices with the same visual design as its recent Surface products. Now you can get three of Microsoft’s best PC accessories at better-than-usual prices, thanks to new sales on Amazon’s online store.

Most of Microsoft’s PC accessories are on sale at Amazon, but the best discounts are on the company’s Erganomic Mouse, Modern Mobile Mouse, and Designer Compact Keyboard. The Ergonomic Mouse is more or less your standard desktop Bluetooth mouse, with a larger design for easier gripping, an aluminum scroll wheel, and software for customizing what each button does (only on Windows, though). Meanwhile, the Modern Mobile Mouse has a flatter design for easier storage in bags and pockets, with no customization abilities.


    This wireless mouse is available in four colors, but the white option is cheapest right now at $24.74.

    Microsoft's more compact Bluetooth mouse is on sale for $17.49 in white, black, mint, and peach.

    This small chiclet-style keyboard supports up to 3 devices and looks like Apple's Magic Keyboard. It's on sale for just $45.50.

Finally, the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is on sale for $45.50, a savings from the usual price of $50-54, and $24.49 below the original MSRP. It has a similar design to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, with laptop-style chiclet membrane keys and the ability to store up to three Bluetooth connections in memory. There’s also a dedicated Input key, which can bring up the emoji/symbol picker on Windows. Microsoft is selling it in both black and white colors.

If you’ve been looking for some minimalist PC accessories, perhaps to match your new Surface Go 3 or Surface Laptop Studio, these are great choices that won’t blow your budget. Even though they’re clearly built with Windows in mind, the accessories use standard Bluetooth connections, so they’ll work with anything that accepts Bluetooth mice and keyboards. That includes most PCs, Android tablets, iPads, and countless other devices.

For keyboard options that are a bit more clicky, check out our roundup of the best mechanical keyboards, were we’ve compiled some of the best options in every price range.

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